Learn About Penny Ann's Cafe:

Our Family, Our Signature Recipes and Our Story

What is it about Penny Ann's Cafe that makes all the difference?

Penny Ann's Cafe is a family affair. Originally from upstate New York, the Willey family prides itself on creating the East Coast diner atmosphere where guests can feel comfortable and indulge in homemade comfort food. You'll meet the family members as they seat patrons, whip up the tastiest dish, or pop in to manage the day-to-day responsibilities. We're pleased to invite our guests to our family table!

While we pride ourselves on our family-friendly appeal, the food is also top-notch! For the ninth year in a row, Penny Ann's Cafe won the Best of State award for "Best Breakfast." We are known as the Home of the Heavenly Hot Cakes®, - light and airy sour cream pancakes, and a fantastic place to start when trying to choose something from the menu. We credit head chef, Warren Willey, for his extensive culinary experience and down-home cooking. Because of his touch, Penny Ann's opened its doors to almost instant popularity and quickly expanded to other locations across the valley.

Why We Get Up Each Morning

Table is Set at Penny Ann's Cafe


While a business can stand out with a neon-lit, witty sign outside its doors, we choose to let our food speak for itself. There's no denying the draw of an incredible bite of food.


Comfortable Atmosphere

When we opened the doors to our restaurant, we welcomed you to our family and our home. We want you to feel at ease with us, take a step back, and enjoy your time here.



Because we embrace families, we get to witness celebrations, goodbyes, welcome homes, and much-needed time spent with loved ones. We're honored to be included as part of your core memories.



Over the years, we've evolved from a little family to a large team of employees that serve multiple locations. We work together, striving for constant improvement in our food and our customer experience.

Meet the Family

The restaurant's namesake, Penny Ann, and her sister, Cindy, can often be found hopping from location to location, checking on the quality and chatting pleasantly with the restaurant's regular customers. Penny's brother Warren is the executive Chef and brother Paul works behind the scenes helping with day to day operations. Wayne and Jane, the parents of the bunch, can often be seen around too helping with all aspects of the business. There are also many nieces and nephews who help cook, prep, serve and bus tables as well as the outstanding staff who feel like family.